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There a number of different survey options available to you when buying a new property:

Standard Mortgage Valuation: A standard mortgage valuation is not a survey per se, but a report carried out by a surveyor or the mortgage lender to confirm that the property you are intending to buy provides suitable security for their mortgage. The report usually provides limited inspection and you should not rely on this as a customer as to whether the property is structurally sound with no issues. 

Fees for this type of report usually cost no more than £500 and the cost is sometimes fronted by the mortgage lender. 

Homebuyers Report: This survey report is mainly intended for conventional, residential homes that appear to the naked eye to be in a reasonable condition with no major structural work having been done. The survey report will usually consist of a comprehensive overview of the property and current and future marketability. 

Fees for this type of survey usually range from £300 to £1,500. 

Buildings Survey/Structural Report: A very in-depth, all encompassing report, which usually includes a detailed picture of the properties construction and current condition, identifying any possible structural issues and recommendations on how to rectify these and current and future marketability to include local market factors. 

This type of survey report is usually for properties of “non-standard construction”, properties that have undergone serious structural development or are seen by the buyer as run-down and need serious refurbishment. 

Fees for this type of survey usually range from £550 to £2,000.

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