Dashly is a mortgage platform that constantly scours the market to see if you could save money by switching, no matter how long is left on your current deal. Unlike traditional brokers, Dashly is 'always-on' comparing thousands of products from every lender, every day, and continuously testing them against each homeowner's unique circumstances - including their mortgage rate, property value, loan-to-value (LTV) and declining mortgage balance. 

Dashly compares your early repayment charge (if you have one) with the gains you could make by switching to a cheaper mortgage. It doesn't matter whether you've had your mortgage for two weeks or five years, all fees and charges are taken into account. Once you set up your Dashly profile, you'll receive an immediate set of results, or confirmation that you're already on the best mortgage rate. Then, the platform will notify you ONLY when a deal becomes available that would save you money.